• How to Choose Natural Hair Care Products

    Check out this quick guide to choosing natural hair care products!

    You’ve heard the old adage that first impressions are important, and how you look makes a huge difference in how others may see you and treat you. But for most of us, primping and prepping every day as if we are going to church, on a job interview, or on a first date just isn’t feasible. With a lack of time and resources, looking good needs to be easy and stress-free – especially if it’s just another day on the job, or if you’re running errands, or going to the gym.

    Luckily, a quick, carefree yet put-together look doesn’t have to mean exposing your hair and skin to the harsh, harmful chemicals present in most commercial beauty and personal care products you find at the store. (After all, synthetic ingredients strip the natural oils from your hair and scalp, leaving you dry or with a weird, waxy buildup.) Instead, you can look healthy and youthful by using all-natural, simple and organic ingredients in homemade concoctions or from store-bought specialty natural hair care and cosmetic brands.

    While you may prefer a DIY approach to natural hair care and skin care, you may also appreciate our time-saving option – a quick guide to choosing natural hair care products that will help you put your best foot forward. Here are some tips to get you started.

    Natural Hair Care Basics

    Does Your Hair …

    Need volume? Thinning hair may be the result of aging, genetics, or illness, but no matter what the cause it can leave men and women feeling anxiety and embarrassment. If you need more hair volume or want to grow thicker, luxurious hair, an egg treatment might do the trick. Or, try a hair thickening tonic, which uses organic botanical ingredients to expand strands from roots to ends.

    Need moisture? If you have dry hair, you may be using too many harsh styling products or too much heat on your lovely locks. To infuse some life back into your hair, hydrate those thirsty follicles with a healing hair mask (coconut oil and honey is our favorite!), or try a hot oil hair treatment, or a moisturizing mist that will add a nice fragrance and can be taken with you on-the-go in a small spray bottle. Also try natural hair care products such as conditioners that are hypoallergenic and lock in moisture from botanical ingredients like grapeseed oil.

    Need shine? For a smooth, frizz-free shine, spread a pinch of organic chia seed oil or 100% pure Moroccan Argan oil onto your strands to deliver proteins to the keratin your hair, feeding the fibers to promote natural hair strength and growth. You could also fight frizz with a nourishing hair mask, gel, or a leave-in conditioner.

    Need growth? One benefit to being pregnant that new moms will celebrate is their tendency to have longer, fuller hair. If you’ve wondered why this phenomenon occurs to many expecting mothers, it’s probably because they just took prenatal vitamins. Most prenatal vitamins contain natural hair growth-promoting vitamins like biotin, which – when taken for months at a time – help strengthen and grow hair fast and furiously. There are many prenatal vitamins to choose from or opt for a biotin supplement which may also prevent hair breakage. Taking a collagen supplement may also help strengthen and grow hair naturally, since collagen contains helpful amino acids, the building blocks of the body. These supplements can be found easily online and in health food stores as powdered drink mixes or in other delivery forms, such as pills or tablets.

    How to Shop for Natural Hair Care Products

    When shopping for natural hair care products, look for items labeled certified organic, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free. Also avoid products with sulfates, parabens, and p-Phenylenediamine.

    Unlike their commercial counterparts, natural hair care products are packed with nutrients to help heal and grow your hair. And while what you put on your hair will affect its health, it’s also important to notice what you’re taking into your body that may impact your hair’s health too. That means making sure you’re getting nutrient-rich foods and dietary supplements of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and friendly fats.

    Are you unsure where to start? Browse the wide selection of natural hair care and skin care products by Alaffia, a fair-trade company that provides jobs and resources for impoverished West African communities. They base many of their formulas on gentle shea butter and other quality ingredients.

    Now that you’ve given your hair a natural health boost, you have time to stock your cabinet with natural beauty products too.

    Let us know which natural hair care products you love, and what your natural beauty regimen is in the comments below!


    Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash


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