• 5 Natural Weight Loss Tips to Try Today!

    5 Natural Weight Loss Tips to Try Today!


    It’s almost summer, so getting into shape for a perfect beach body may be out of the question, but you still have time to shed those few extra pounds to feel – and look – healthier in your warm weather clothes. Keep reading to learn some easy and natural weight loss tips you can start using today!


    Limit Sugars and Processed Foods


    A good rule of thumb for losing weight fast is to avoid the boxed, processed foods or sugary drinks and desserts you’d typically find in the middle of the grocery store. Instead, shop the sides (but skip the bakery). Look for fresh produce, such as dark green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Select a rainbow of colors for fruits and veggies to get a wide range of healthy nutrients.


    Eat More Protein


    Your body burns more calories when digesting and metabolizing protein (such as from grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, and free-range poultry) than other sources of energy. Not only do proteins help you build muscle during your workout, which can also help you shed pounds faster, but studies show that people eat fewer calories per day on a high-protein diet. Interested in trying a high-protein diet? You may want to try a Paleo meal plan.


    Stay Hydrated


    The more water you drink, the more toxins your body will flush out of your system and the better your organs and bodily systems will function. Start by drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day, so if you weigh 180 pounds, you would drink 90 oz of water, or about 5 and 1/2 bottled waters, per day. The great part about staying well hydrated is that it helps curb your appetite, so you’ll be eating less.


    Get Active


    Exercise is more than just moving the body. At any age, it’s important to get your blood flowing throughout your body to support optimal health and wellness. Working out at least three times a week for 30 minutes (such as with a cardio program like Zumba or jogging, and some basic light weight lifting) will greatly improve your body weight situation. Even just walking 3 to 5 miles a week will help boost your metabolism, help you achieve a restful sleep at night, and improve your mood health.


    Stay Positive


    Weight loss can feel like an overwhelming burden sometimes, so it’s important to stay positive and find the small joys in your daily weight loss journey. Walking the dog, working out with a friend, and seeing a personal trainer or a nutritionist can all help you stay focused and motivated along the way.


    What are your go-to natural weight loss tips? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!




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